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Sterling Silver Kayak / Canoe Charm Earrings, petite and feminine,
one inch long kidney - earwire with button, hooks closed.



Inspired by Nature


Welcome to my website. You are welcome to browse through the jewelry. My aim is to create a piece of jewelry that “just fits” you. I specialize in tiny, petite and feminine earrings, as well as custom fine art pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces. I know the importance of needing to own a pair of simple, yet elegant, sterling silver earrings. I know the “good energy” of how a certain ring feels on the hand. I guarantee compliments. I guarantee you will feel the connection.


The feel very honored to be allowed to work with stones. The beauty and celebration of matching the stones, designs and their “person” is magic. When the energies of a jewelry piece, and it’s new-found owner combine, we both feel the energy rise. Then I realize, “this is why” I am a Silversmith and Gemstone Jewelry Designer!


You will be attracted to the variety of unique semi-precious gemstone colors and shapes I use. My favorites are: Andean Opals (Peruvian Opals), Larimar, Picasso Marble, Ocean Jasper, Iolite, Natural Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Moonstones (Silver, Peach and White), Star Moonstones, Turquoise, Carnelian, Onyx, Agates, Herkimer Diamonds, Labradorite, Freshwater Pearls.


My belief is that the Earwires are as important as the earrings. I designed my signature “Pagoda Energy Bar” Earwires, Wavy Energy Earwires, and Spiral (clasp-behind) Kidney Earwires. Some of my techniques include: Overlay (see Elk brooch), Fusing, Hammering (see Sterling Cuff Bracelets and “Pine Needles” Ring, Planishing, Forming, Oxidation, Design Stamps, Chisel Embellishment (see Herkimer Diamond Pagoda Earrings). Many designs show a southwest flair. Please visit my Gallery to view more examples.


My desire to is make a gemstone “wearable” by decorating it lightly with sterling silver or gold. I ask each stone “What do you want to be”? I comply. Some want organic, freeform surroundings. Some want crisp lines. Some want to be a ring, and some a bracelet. The end result is that the stone can still “speak for itself”. I now know that the stones DO enhance us. Even though I feel great every day, I have a wonderful feeling of completeness after I put on my own jewelry. You will sense it too!

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